Thermostat Checking And Maintenance

To obtain the utmost best performances out of your best wifi thermostat you should make sure you regularly check if it functions properly so that you don’t blame the heating or cooling system for any temperature discomfort and attend to it’s maintenance as often as possible.

Checking if your thermostat functions as it is supposed to, you should first off all turn off the power supply and remove the thermostat cover as to have a clear view on the wiring. With the wires in front of you make a quick comparison in between them and the thermostat wiring diagram you can find in the installation book. If anything seems out of order try and set it as to correspond to the diagram. Also check that each wire is tightly connected to the correct terminal.

The quickest way to check if the thermostat is broken unwind the white and red wires from their terminal and tie them together. If the furnace ignites and the blower turns on at the same time it means you need a new thermostat. Whilst these procedures make sure you don’t drop the wires into the wall. You can do so by wrapping them around a pencil. If the thermostat is all right rewire them back and tighten each terminal.

Another thing to add to the check list is the regular replacement of the air conditioning filters and this is sure to prolong your cooling unit’s life span. Make sure you also change the fan blower belt when it wares out for better cooling performances.

Proper maintenance to your thermostat and cooling or heating systems also means washing the condenser coils on a regular basis. Improper fitting of the thermostat cover can result in the unit’s failure to turn on. Make sure it is properly screwed in before turning the cooling or heating system on. Another maintenance action that you should perform as frequently as possible is the dirt/dust cleaning from the inside of your thermostat.

Proper maintenance not only guarantees the best performances but also cost-effectiveness to the thermostat. For this respect have the thermostat’s calibration checked at the beginning of every heat season as to make sure that you actually get the heat comfort you want from it and it doesn’t consume more energy than it should.

Another threat to thermostats is rust which tend to appear in the vicinity of switches and of the bimetallic element. Make sure you clean it regularly with a cotton swab.